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NAMM 17 .. OVER ..

975_1325so .. lets make europe even greater then, ..
or what was it all about?

NAMM 2017 is over now, there is still plenty of news to be released here so stay tuned, please.

We all will hopefully meet again on the upcoming SUPERBOOTH17 in april at FEZ-Berlin to see how great the USA became in between. I wish us all the best not just for this but first of all lets try even harder to keep some peace in the world here and there.

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NAMM 17 – Doepfer

IMG_4757The inventor and most classical eurorack brand Doepfer now released their version of a mixing desk inside the system in a definitely modular form. Plenty of their modules are also available now as a so called vintage version in black so they are getting back to the classical shine of a (moog-style) modular taking it to the complex possibilities of nowadays modulars. The existing Doepfer products in silver aluminium are classical themselves in between, still built in a very high quality for mostly very affordable prices.

The earlier combination of A-138-O/A-138-P as a simple four- to sixteen-channel Mixer can very soon be expanded by the A-135-4-A/B/C to have the 4 to 16 channels added with CV-controlled AUX, PAN, LEVEL and MUTE parameters. The modular component 135-4C is a four channel envelope follower opening a new horizont of level control in eurorack systems. Apart from this, Doepfer was presenting the comeback of their high end VCO that had to be discontinued once their curtis chips was no longer available (as far as I know). Now the „new“ A-111-2 is available in a wide and a very small version, see all details shown by Patrick Detampel in this Video:

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Namm 17 – 4ms

4ms1 4ms dan






4ms  – presented two promising new modules at the NAMM show.


4ms new1The Stereo Triggered Sampler records audio material with a resolution of up to 32 Bit and 192 kHz. Data is stored on a Micro SD card, the file system with its banks and slots is colour coded. For playing back samples, the module offers two players with potentiometers for pitch, start position, length and playback direction. Using its CV inputs, lots of functions can be controlled via external circuits.


4ms2The second module is called Tapographic Delay, an echo effect with up to 32 taps. Thanks to its innovative, digital design featuring storage banks, sequence functions and so forth, this Eurorack component is capable of astonishing, more or less experimental results. We can’t wait to give it a test drive at Schneidersladen.

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Namm 17 – Impressions 2

namm2 namm3 namm4 qubit2 ross superbooth wmdbig wmdstand2 namm 33 darkp alex













Some more little impressions from the Namm boothes and welcoming our new colleque Herr Henning Schonvogel – no Herr isn’t a firstname .

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Namm 17 – Intellijel

     Intel5 intelus





Intellijel are here at Namm with Danjel and Kamil and they brought a whole bouquet of new products to the NAMM show.

Intel1Plonk is a duophonic percussion generator using Physical Modeling to create sound. It was developed in collaboration with Applied Acoustic Systems. The user can choose between several exciters and resonators. Further parameters allow detailed sound design, two of them can be assigned to the X and Y controls. Finalized programs can be saved in one of 128 preset slots. It is even possible to import and export them via USB. Plonk will be available in the second quarter of 2017.


intel4intel3Another promising release is the Tetrapad, a control unit with four force sensitive touch faders. Thanks to several modes, it is possible to use the operating elements as faders, drum or chord triggers and more. Furthermore, a new version of the Springray will be available soon. It comes equipped with a filter instead of an equalizer and an improved drive circuit. Tetrapad and the new Springray will hit the stores within the next weeks.


intel8But wait, there is more: The Shifty ! It is kind of an automatic switch, which transforms a monophonic sequence into a polyphonic one. Signals can be split in up to four voices with variable order.



intel6intel7The 1 HP department was expanded with new circuits like a digital reverb and a headphone amp. Details regarding pricing and availability are yet to come.

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Namm 17 – Radikal Technologies

Radikal dRadikal2radikal mod

Jörg Schaaf aka Mr. Radikal Technologies came to the NAMM show with his brand-new RT-1701 Effexx Multi-FX Proc. It is composed of a gain stage with saturation, an equalizer / filter section and two DSP effects. The ladder feature reverb, delay, chorus, phaser, flanger, tremolo, vibrato and filter algorithms. The module’s storage system can hold eight effect combinations per program. They can be blended manually, via the internal LFO or control voltages. The result: Extraordinarily smooth transitions between effects and settings. Sound-wise, the RT-1701 shines with high-resolution and a wide stereo image.

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Namm 17 – WMD

wmd standwmda1wmd4WMD shows five new modules and a geiger counter pro pedal at NAMM 2017:

Arpitecht is a well equipped quantizer and arpeggiator, which allows the user to quickly select and edit scales, add slides, configure rhythms and a good deal more. Up to seven octaves (-1 to +5) can be employed to create intoxicating melodies. Thanks to a multitude of CV inputs it is possible to create continuously varying results in no time. For playing chords, WMD invented the Triad. This module generates three note values out of one incoming pitch signal. Users can not only choose the triad used, but also the inversion. Modulations of both parameters are possible as well.

The Overseer is a stereo VCF based on the designs of DJ filters. Compared to the circuits of well-known mixer manufacturers, WMD’s module sounds a lot more beefy while retaining the basic character. On top of that, the functional range was broadened to make the Overseer a flexible tool for sound design. Another stereo tool from WMD is the MSCL, a punchy compressor / limiter with editable ratio, threshold, attack, release and gain parameters as well as a side chain input.

Last but not least, WMD built a dual LFO module called Modbox with phase and skew options plus noise as well as sample & hold outputs.

wmd pedalThe new Geiger Counter Pro Pedal has now over 700 wavetables to bitcrush you into the elysium – this time with 12 instead of 8 bit -now you can morph now between the wavetables  and it comes with wet / dry poti / Midi  / 2x expression pedial inputs /Noise Gate / Lowpassfilter & 16 User presets.

It should be available around  april and cost ca 449$.

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Namm 17 – Impressions

namm in frontErmsunny4sunnyJust some little impressions and to show that their can be rain in southern california

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Namm 17 – kenton electronics


Kenton1kenton2The smart gentleman from wimbleton, well known for his early midi inventions, John Price alias Kenton Electronics brought two new Boxes on his Namm stand:

The  Merge 8 is a bigger midi merger to combine 8 diffrent midi sources into one output. the Merge 8 will extend the merge family being the big brother of the merge 4.

Pro CV to Midi – is a high Resoultion advanced CV to Midi converter – with lots of additional functions and the typical easy to use Parameter editing.

Both Units should be out this Spring and will be shown at superbooth 2017 as well.

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Namm 17 – 1010 Music

1010m4herr1010m2Aaron Higgins from 1010 Music showed up with two new module prototypes at Namm and also announced that there will be a new update for their BITBOX sampler coming soon – which comes up with a very usefull splicing function.

The first Module  will be the FXBOX 1010m1like the name says it contains up to 16 Effects , like reverb / chorus / distortion andandand  – which can be modulated  and sequenced with a stepseguencer up to 32 steps long , and really nice …. the fx can be played simultansimultaneiously. The Module should come out in march 2017 and the price will be probaply around 600$.

1010m32nd Module will be the SYNTHBOX – a digitale polyphone Synthesizer – which will have on boards effects like Chorus / Reverb & Delay and of course modulation possibilties. The synthbox should come out in sommer – price wise it should be like the bitbox.